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Jeera is the most used seed spice, therapeutic benefits are more, jeera and coriander are a perfect combination for sambar masala powder, it is used in whole as well as powder form also.Mostly used for food flavoring and perfumery. An essential ingredient in many mixed spices, chutneys, and chili and curry powders, cumin is especially popular in Asian, North African, and Latin American cuisines. The seed like fruits can be used whole or ground as a spice. Their distinctive aroma is heavy and strong, and their taste is warm and reminiscent of caraway. At one time cumin was widely used as a home medicinal and is still of local importance in traditional medicine in some places. The oil is used in perfumery, for flavouring a variety of liquors, and for medicinal and veterinary purposes.

Health Benefits

  •  Digestive in nature. 
  • Detoxification in the liver.
  • Reduce the blood pressure. 
  • Improve the heart health.
  • Diuretic. 
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