Urad Dal Chutney Powder

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Urad Dal, dry coconut, red chili, tamarind, and jaggery.

Cooking Instructions:-

1. Take equal quantities of Dhee Masala Chutney Powder and ghee or cooking oil in a bowl. 2. Mix them together well to form a smooth paste. Adjust the quantity of chutney powder according to your taste preference. 3. Serve the prepared chutney paste with idli, dosa, chapati, or roti. You can also use it as a spread or dip for other dishes. 4. Enjoy the flavourful and aromatic chutney with your favourite snacks or meals.


Urad Dal Chutney Powder is a versatile and aromatic condiment that adds a delightful nutty flavour to various South Indian dishes. Made from roasted urad dal, spices, and herbs, this powder is easy to prepare and perfect for sprinkling on idlis, dosas, and rice.

Health Benefits:-

Urad Dal Chutney Powder offers several health benefits due to its nutritious ingredients. Urad dal is a good source of protein, dietary fibre, and minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium, which promote muscle and bone health. The presence of spices and herbs in the chutney powder, such as cumin and curry leaves, provides antioxidant properties and aids digestion. Additionally, the use of minimal oil in the preparation of the powder makes it a healthier alternative to traditional chutneys. Including Urad Dal Chutney Powder in your meals can enhance nutrient intake, support digestion, and contribute to overall well-being.

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