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The Traditional and Authentic production of charu pani (in Odia), chaaru, saaru, saathamudhu, or kabir is a South Indian soup (eaten with other dishes or by itself). It is a spicy-sweet-sour stock traditionally prepared using kokum, tamarind, or dried green mango juice as a base along with jaggery, garlic, black pepper, chili pepper, cumin, tomato, and other spices as seasonings. Steamed lentils can be added along with any preferred vegetables. Nowadays, all the seasonings required are combined and ground beforehand into rasam powder, which is available commercially. Chilled prepared versions are also marketed commercially as well as rasam paste in bottles.Dhee Masala has One Of The Best Rasam Recipe Powders used since times immemorial .

It is consumed with rice or consumed as a spicy soup. In a traditional South Indian meal, it can be part of a course that includes sambar rice and curd rice. Rasam has a distinct taste in comparison to the sambar due to its own seasoning ingredients and is fluid in consistency.

*It is also called king soup in South African Indian cuisine.

*Rasam means essence.

*It is a sister recipe to Sambar, but thinner and served as a spicy soup.

Rasam means "juice". It can refer to any juice, but in South Indian households rasam commonly refers to soup prepared with sweet-sour stock made from either kokum or tamarind, along with tomato and lentil, added spices and garnish. Rasam in Tamil and Malayalam, saaru in Kannada, or chaaru in Telugu . "Hands That Do Dishes Can Be Soft As Your Dhee Masala"

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